Surviving Lockdown

When Big Bens clock chimed at midnight 2019 who would have thought 2020 would bring what is has? Dealing with a chronic illness at a young age is hard enough, but then throw 6 months of shielding on top of this, restrictions on everything, no social interaction and no leaving the house. The OYAC group as well as 1.5 million others who were shielding have had it hard. Then when a faint light appears at the end of a very long dark tunnel we are all faced with another potential lockdown. When will this end? With all the doom and gloom published daily by the media how did the OYAC cope through lockdown? Daley the youth worker who manages the OYAC group role changed somewhat as he took to the world of virtual youth work. The closed young adult Facebook page became a hub of social interaction with regular updates, games, bingo sessions, musical nights, cooking classes, magic shows, weekly quizzes, live sessions with Renal Doctors, psychologists and professional stand-up comedy from, Jo Brand, Tom Allen and Greg Davies. The young adults even made their own movie which can be found on our twitter page @OxfordYAC. All of this helped keep the young adults engaged and give them something to forward to. Daley also ran many 1-1 online virtual session providing the much-needed emotional support. The support element of the OYAC meant that the young adults could access the support they gratefully needed. Hospital clinics were still able to run where the young adults had face to face appointments and still met (socially distanced) with the youth worker to talk through any issues.

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