The return of the British Transplant Games

The charity Transplant Sport flagship event aims to encourage transplant recipients to remain active, demonstrate the benefits of transplantation and raise public awareness of the importance to speak to your loved ones about your wishes around organ donation.

Though the British Transplant Games had to be postponed for the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Leeds are gearing up to deliver the best event yet in 2022. The Westfield Health British Transplant Games 2022 will see over 24 sporting events take place across the four-day event. Thousands of athletes and their families and friends are travelling to Leeds this summer from across the UK, ready to finally celebrate the gift of life in-person again, with the rest of the transplant community.  Dr Paul Harden, Chair of Trustees for Transplant Sport, said: “The British Transplant Games is such an important event for our transplant community and not being able to see each other for the last couple of years has been incredibly hard for recipients, donor families and supporters. Now that it is safe to do so, we’re so excited to be able to do it. 

Team Oxford are raring to go. 

After 2 years without any games, Team Oxford members are getting ready to compete again against fellow transplant recipients from around the UK. This year a team size of 42 will be heading to Leeds for the four day event. "The British Transplant games is such an important date in the calendar for us transplant recipients, to not have it for 2 years it has been really missed. I'm excited to compete again and hopefully bring back some silverware".

Team Oxford transplant recipient. 

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