Being told the devastating news you have a chronic illness is hard to take at any point in your life, however imagine being told it whilst you are young. Imagine being told you have Chronic kidney failure at a time in your life when you should be making future plans. Needing kidney dialysis and a transplant as a teenager leads to depression, social isolation and difficulty completing education or gaining employment. The Young Adult Clinic supports teenagers and young adults on dialysis and with kidney transplants. The clinic brings together young people in a similar situation using the power of peer support. This provides these young people with support to cope through diagnosis, treatment, transplantation and recovery. Being able to relate to someone else young, whos been through the process really does help. It helps give confidence and realization that you are not alone. Through community clinics outside the hospital setting in such places as youth clubs and sports centers, the clinic aims to normalize healthcare and make attending hospital less of a worry. Outside of this we run social events, such as ten pin bowling, go karting, climbing and theater trips, giving young adults the chance to do things they may have missed out on.